The ReEvolution is here

Biimore is an authentic ReEvolution for the entire agricultural sector. It is proof that agriculture can still go further, that growers can further maximise crop productivity and the quality of their harvests, and that nature, sustainability and innovation can go hand in hand.

Growers, agronomists and distributors who strive to go further, who don’t give up in their search for excellence, to achieve maximum efficiency…

The Ultra-Efficient Biostimulant

obtained from an exclusive and sustainable plant fermentation process

What is Biimore?

Biimore is a naturally obtained Ultra-Efficient Biostimulant obtained from bacterial fermentation of sugarcane molasses by Corynebacterium glutamicum. As well as a unique bacterial strain and a sustainable raw material, we use an exclusive production process specifically targeted for agriculture.

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The amazing
performance of Biimore

Biimore is an ultra-efficient solution for a wide range of crops. An ultra low dose of Biimore is enough to unleash the potential of your crops, achieving top quality harvests and a maximum productivity. Here are a few examples of Biimore’s amazing performance:


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