The 3 elements
that make Biimore so unique

Biimore - Ultra Efficient Rovensa Next

Ultra-efficient biostimulant

Biimore has an ultra-efficient mode of action that allows for extremely low dosages. Doses range from 25 – 200 ml /ha, depending on the crop, with the optimum foliar dose typically being 20 – 40 ml /100 L water. The efficacy of the ultra-low doses of Biimore are stunning and the results clearly speak for themselves!
Biimore - Unique Fingerprint Rovensa Next

Unique fingerprint of primary and secondary compounds

Biimore is powered by a unique combination of primary and secondary compounds that is so unique that it is like a fingerprint. There may be other products in the market that look similar but none of them will replicate the unique combination of primary and secondary compounds that constitute the unique fingerprint of Biimore.

Quinic acid, pyroglutamic acid, trehalose… are among the compounds responsible for the ultra-efficient performance of Biimore. However, that is not all, Biimore is also rich in other L-α Amino Acids, vitamins and sugars.

Biimore - Specific Bacterial Rovensa Next

Specific bacterial strain and exclusive production process

Biimore is the result of the unique combination of a specific strain of Corynebacterium glutamicum, a complex and sustainable food source derived from sugarcane A type molasses and Rovensa Next´s own exclusive production process, that all interact to create this unique product. Altering even a small part of this process would produce a different combination of a primary and secondary compounds changing this unique fingerprint and Biimore would no longer be Biimore!

The Ultra-Efficient Biostimulant

Obtained from an exclusive and sustainable plant fermentation process